The season started with Pantones colours not one selection this time but two. Illuminating yellow and Ultimate grey both shades, which work well together. Grey is practical and a soft shade, which compliments (more about this shade when we get to neutrals in another blog) whilst yellow is a sunshine shade full of hope and positivity.

Evoked by light, yellow has uplifting and flattering shades which can instill positivity and boost your mood. I would always say if this shade is in season then buy it, its one of the most versatile colours you can have in your wardrobe.  I look for it everywhere as it’s a staple of my own wardrobe. Swap out your beiges and greiges  and use a pale lemon it goes with practically any shade combination. Try Burgundy and Honey, Air force blue with sherbert lemon. Pink and Banana (think unripe and you will get the shade) see where I’m going it just works so go on give it a try.

Listen to all the amazing names for this not always popular colour. Flaxen, Butterscotch, Saffron, Lutescent, Daffodil, Gamboge.  Don’t those words just fill your mind with sunshine!

In ancient Egypt the bodies of gods were painted yellow to depict gold and Chinese emperors favoured an egg yolk shade and even had the royal palace roofs painted yellow to show it was a royal roof.  In Greece blonde was associated with lust and prostitutes, so if you were not blonde out came the bleach otherwise you would have a sudden lack of customers.

Look at blonde icons such as Marilyn Monroe who starred in Gentlemen prefer blondes, Mae West famous for her one liner “Come up and see me sometime “

Debbie Harry who dyed her hair blond and then named her band Blondie, Jean Harlow the blonde Bombshell. So do blondes really have a better time?

During the fifties both House of Dior and Chanel were using yellows and this colour moved into the sixties fashion as well, it was a favourite of Twiggy.  My friend Matthew remembers his yellow loon pants in the 70’s and not forgetting Boy George’s gorgeous yellow eyeshadow in the colourful 80’s. So it’s always been around just not always in the forefront.

Beyoncé helped to increase its popularity when she did her album Lemonade in 2016and for its debut she wore a marigold ruffled dress, by Roberto Cavelli which was just so fabulous and eye-catching.

From Rave culture that introduced the smiley emotion to Klimt’s work The Golden Phase a whirl of Gold this colour will always appear.

So how can you wear it? Choose the right shade for your skin, I’m a blonde with yellow undertones in my skin so I can wear the pale pale lemon and a mid bright sunshine yellow and I honestly look so refreshed and uplifted plus it makes me feel good and lifts my mood. If I however I put a mustard shade of deep amber near my face it looks immediately as if I have jaundice and just look ill and old. Always look at what the colour does to your face and not how it looks on your bum!!

If you don’t try it you will never know how you look and feel wearing this shade it can be virulent and sassy and maybe not for the faint of heart but it can flatter and enhance and be uplifting, positive and optimistic.

Team it with burgundy just give it a try it may surprise you add a splash of scarlet red to a pale lemon chiffon, tans and caramels look amazing with the lemons or just mix whites and creams together with that splash of Lemonade Magic.

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