Colour Analysis

This provides a seasonal and tonal palette that will allow you to streamline your wardrobe in colours that always work together. Create a flattering palette of shades that complement your skin tone and make you look fabulous. It will make shopping and planning your outfits easy and enjoyable. It will also relegate those bad buys to a thing of the past.

Body Analysis

This will help you to understand how to work with your shape to achieve a balanced and stylish look from head to toe. By the clever use of dressing in the correct styles for your individual body shape, you will see a dramatic difference.

This will also reduce the amount of money spent on buying the wrong shapes for your body.

One to One styling

Shopping once again becomes fun to do. I can teach you how to develop your own individual style and how to select items that work with your current wardrobe. This includes the use of accessories that can totally transform an outfit for very little money.

Wardrobe Analysis

By sorting through your current wardrobe with you I can pair up different items to create new outfits for you. Advise you on the ones which do not work with your shape and provide you with a short term and long term list of additions that can further enhance the outfits you already have.

Personal Coaching

This can help you look at how your inner self feels about the changes you are wanting to make to your body. Your mind has to agree with your body. Simple exercises can help you refocus and come to understand how you feel about yourself in a positive and uplifting manner.


Fun interactive workshops running once a month on a variety of fashion topics. These run with a maximum of four people for two and half hours, they can be booked singly or as a course over three months.

All of the above services are available as a single entity or as part of a package. My initial chat with you is to establish what you need and want first. I will then work out the best way of achieving this with you and reflect the stages back to you for agreement. We will work together on each individual stage at your convenience and within an agreed timeframe.

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