Fab, double fab with whipped cream on top!
I have gone from ‘never in a million years!’ to
I am really looking forward to modelling for you.
There, you can put that testimonial on your website
or other marketing materials!

Lots of love,

Sarah x

A fun-filled evening – a perfect opportunity to get all the girls in work together in the evening to enjoy a meal and have Liz come and talk us about body shapes, colours that suit us and provide advice on what we should be wearing and what to avoid.
Savills, Ipswich

Liz was a great help to me to understand what colours suit me. She took time to explain how colours work to compliment my skin and hair colour which have made an enormous difference to me when buying clothes and makeup. The investment has paid dividends in saving money (buying the wrong colours and styles) and has improved my self-esteem enormously.
Thank you Liz.

From ‘casual comfort’ to ‘belle of the ball’ Liz Wilson’s the answer for a style overhaul!

A fantastic evening! Liz has a talent for detail on colour and style. She provided very insightful advice and it works. I now realise I look good in pink!
Sue Monks, Hadleigh

I met Liz as I reached the end of a long personal journey. Having spent around a year dieting my way from a size 20 to a size 12 I was at a loss to know what to do with my “new” persona.
Liz was fab; she very quickly reviewed my colours with me and provided me with a swatch pack enabling me to at least pick colours that suited my colouring. I should add she was very patient when I dyed my hair and that had a slight impact! Having moved through the colours we then started to look at the style. I have a fairly high profile job that entails client-facing meetings and a need to present to audiences, personal style and grooming is a key part of the armour for this. Liz organised a shopping expedition that included a personal shopper session in a local department store – boy did we have the store representative running backwards and forwards. The key element of this was that Liz took into account my personal taste and my budget combining these plus her skills into a flattering wardrobe for work and home, she even managed to find me a great hairdresser who would work with me.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for a revamp.
Lesley x

Wow just what I needed! Liz’s advice and guidance in colours, style, trends, even hair, nails and makeup have helped me to realise you CAN still look great whatever your age or shape, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
The sessions with Liz were well planned, informative, full of ideas and very worthwhile, and extremely good value. Liz still worked with you in between sessions and kept in regular contact, I always felt I could contact her to ask her advice.
I now feel more confident, and so much happier with my appearance than I have been in a long time. Style Coaching with Liz was an altogether enjoyable and valuable experience, one I would certainly recommend giving your look and life a boost. I feel fantastic, a huge thank you Liz.

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