Have you ever considered wearing your bedding, curtains or tablecloths? Has it ever sneaked into your head just how great that pair of curtains would look as a jumpsuit? Maybe that lacy bedspread has just been transformed into your next summer outfit.

Noooo I can hear you saying why would I want to wear my household items for goodness sake do I really want to look like my furnishings!!!

But pause a moment and take a look at these fabulous outfits and see if you can work out what they are made from, the pure individuality of each item is just amazing and so versatile.

BYKatyMac who is an amazing reuse, recycle Eco designer who is helping to minimize our impact on the planet. She recycles household textiles into fabulous garments.

PS. The middle picture below is Katy herself.

Photo: @screamphotographic
Model: @Rosymaydancer