I’m passionate about the use of colour and the simple, but effective way it can lift your mood in an instant, and make you feel fabulous. I believe everyone can look and feel amazing using the body shape they have. We are all very different and unique and just by learning how to dress each individual shape it makes such a big difference to the way you can look.

I love all types of vintage clothing and believe in mixing high street fashion with pieces of vintage to get an individual look. I do not believe you have to spend a lot of money in order to look good, by selecting the right basic pieces in neutral shades and adding less expensive trends using soft and brighter shades of colour your outfits and wardrobe will harmonise. The benefits of which are multiple everything works together, you save money and shopping becomes a pleasure. Let your wardrobe work its magic on you every day not just the odd one.

My initial training was with Aston Hayes Image Consultancy, where I found out all about the impact colour can have on your face, mind and body. I found that whilst showing my clients how to use and work with colour, which complemented and enhanced the way they looked, I wanted to be able to offer a more comprehensive fuller package to them which could be individually tailored.

This led me to a diploma course with The Institute Of Style Coaching where I became a qualified personal stylist, image consultant, and certified Style Coach. So if you are looking for a personal but professional and individually tailored approach please do get in contact with me.