Love it or hate it from the soles of a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes to Macs Marrakesh lipstick this colour always appears in the fashion line up. This is the colour that always draws attention to it.

All the many names given to the colour red shows our fascination with it. Hematite, Scarlet, Cochineal, Vermillion, Madder and Dragons Blood are just a few. You just have to love what these names conjure up in your mind.

Red affects our emotions as well in such an amazing way from signifying power and authority, to warmth, red hot lust, bold and daring then to violence, anger and aggression. A complex shade with such emotions and feelings linked to it. No wonder we either love to wear it or shy completely away from it.

From the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones to Wonder Woman’s Outfit this colour shocks and grabs attention. It’s a colour that is never boring and always alluring. So how do we use red for effect and what works well with this dominant shade in fashion.

Paired with white, cream, bronze, gold and black these will all make a dynamite outfit and will ensure you are noticed. Toning it down you should use pale blue denim, mid blue or silver as these bring the heat down in the outfit. For solid impact red worn alone will stand out in a crowd. If you mix a chartreuse green with a scarlet you will be surprised at how well they go together as an unusual pairing. For a hot combination maybe for a summer party or on the beach try florals in a jumpsuit or a midi in oranges, yellows and reds.

Summer 2021 look out for trending wide strides, Stella McCartney teamed pale pink with red wide legged pants and Valentino showed us floaty hide all maxi dresses in bright scarlet with a see through twist so not quite hide all! With David Koma showing us the corset trend in a bright red. Just a few of the current fashion trends featuring the magnetic power of RED.

Pictures: Unsplash